Organic Olive Leaf Extract,
Crafted on our Family Olive Grove.

Why Choose Vabori Olive Leaf Extract?
Tastes Better
Grown Organically
Made only from Fresh Australian Olive Leaf

Vabori is an Australian Family Owned brand, we make a Better Tasting and Higher Strength Australian Olive Leaf Extract. Read what our customers have to say in our Olive Leaf Extract Review.

Our Olive Leaf Extract is Grown and Harvested on our Organic Family Owned Olive Plantation in Queensland, Australia. We extract our leaves the same day as harvesting to ensure maximum antioxidants are contained in every drop of our Australian Olive Leaf Extract.

All our Olive Leaf Extract products are made on our Olive Plantation in Queensland, Australia. Because we aren't owned by an overseas multi-national corporation, your support will help us to continue making great Vabori products in Australia.

We believe in making our products as naturally, ethically and organically as possible. This process starts on our olive plantation, where we don't use any chemicals on our trees. In fact, we use a juice that is made from the worms on our worm farm, also known as Vermiculture. When it comes to manufacturing our products, we avoid using materials such as alcohols and harmful preservatives, you will also find that every one of our products is 100% naturally derived.

We truely believe that olive leaf extract can improve your health and everyday wellness.