Why Choose Vabori?


At Vabori, it is our promise to only use High Quality Natural Ingredients. We are committed to supply the freshest and most natural ingredients in our products. No harmful chemicals are used on our Olive Leaf plantation - nor ever will be!
We are proud to be able to use the Australian Made and Owned logo. Our products are made from high quality Australian ingredients and are all made on our Family Owned Plantation here in Queensland, Australia.

Kindness to Animals

Whilst we are not affiliated with any association, we believe that animal testing is a cruel and unnecessary practice that has no place in our industry. Unlike our competitors who sell a multitude of products, some of which must be tested on animals to gain entry to certian export markets - we highly oppose this and value the humaine treatment of all animals.

Organic Beliefs

We place a high value on farming sustainably, and as such, we practice organic farming methods. With no nasty pesticides and only natural, organic fertilizers are used - such as Vermiculture (worm juice).

Ingredients + Benefits

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