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Olive Leaf Extract Supplier USA

Vabori are your expert Olive Leaf Extract Supplier USA. With years of export experience, we help you with every step of the process.

There is no order too large or too small. We can fulfil orders of 20 Litres to 10,000 litres and more. If you're just looking for a few bottles, you can buy olive leaf extract products here where we offer standard and expedited shipping options.

Our Olive Leaf Extract is made from fresh olive leaves on our 640-acre plantation in Australia. We don't use any nasty sprays on our trees - in fact we operate an organic olive plantation. You can read more about our olive leaf story and how we started.

Olive Leaf Extract Supplier USA - How does it work

As an olive leaf extract manufacturer, we make exporting Olive Leaf Extract to United States of America as simple as possible for you. The process will go something like this:

How to Import Olive Leaf Extract to USA

  1. Email or Call Us

    You've made the decision to import Olive Leaf Extract into America and you probably have some questions. The easiest would be to email us. We will reply as soon as possible, please keep in mind the time difference.

  2. Discuss Products and Pricing

    We have a variety of olive leaf products available. We will send you a product and price list so you can decide what products suit you.

  3. Email a Purchase Order

    Email us a purchase order with the products and quantities desired.

  4. Prepare your order

    All export orders are made to order to ensure you have the maximum shelf life possible.

  5. Send your order

    Your order is complete. We will ship the product to you with all necessary documents to make importing on your end a breeze.

FDA Approved Olive Leaf Extract Factory

Our olive leaf factory is registered with the FDA to provide you with extra confidence that we are the best choice for your Olive Leaf Extract Supplier USA.

Food Facility Certificate of Registration

All our products are available for export either as Vabori, as your brand or as bulk.  You can learn more about Private Label Olive Leaf Extract.

If you're looking for an olive leaf extract supplier for America, contact us with any questions you may have.