Best Natural Mouthwash

An alcohol free mouthwash

Natural Mouthwash has somehow made it onto your to-do list. Maybe you’ve just read that 31% of mouth cancer is caused by excess alcohol so you want to add an alcohol-free mouthwash to your oral care routine. Maybe you’ve learned that mouthwash doesn’t discriminate between good and bad bacteria in your mouth and you’re trying to find a mouthwash to support your oral microbiome.

Regardless, it is no surprise that you’ve landed here because our customers tell us that Vabori Products are the best in the business and our mouthwash is no exception – it is the best natural mouthwash – let us tell you why.

Our ingredients are 100% Natural, there are not artificial “anything’s” in our natural mouthwash. We source organic ingredients where possible and if there’s one thing you should know about Vabori - our raison d'etre(our reason for being or our aim) is to bring affordable, healthy products to market that work.

Next; we don’t just pick random ingredients and throw it all together in the hopes that it might work – we heavily research each individual ingredient. We want the ingredients to work synergistically with each other and most importantly, perform a function that you would expect it to do.

Why did we make the best natural mouthwash?

Mouthwash is a natural progression for us – with the main benefits of olive leaf extract been well documented as; Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral it made sense to incorporate this into a natural mouthwash designed to enhance oral hygiene.

Let’s briefly talk about Chemical based mouthwashes, you know, the ones filled with alcohol and dyes…

We can start by examining an ingredient list of one of the leading mouthwash brands.

Alcohol, Sorbitol, Aroma, Poloxamer 407, Benzoic acid, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium saccharin, Eucalyptol, Methyl salicylate, Thymol, Menthol, Sodium fluoride, CI 42053, CI 47005.

Can you pronounce these ingredients? Do you know how these ingredients are made? 

If you can’t, then why do you swish them around your mouth?

If you want to learn more about these ingredients, then head over to The Ecologist as they detail these ingredients in-depth on their blog.

The question we found asking ourselves was - Why do these big box brands use these ingredients? We think it is for various reasons such as; cheap retail price, nice colours, mask unpleasant smells, provide an infinite shelf life…

At the end of the day, YOU - the consumer is getting smarter; we all seem to be asking more questions and even find the time to do more research – as a small family company we are here to offer an alternative mouthwash that we would use and hope that others enjoy using too.

To further support the use of Vabori Olive Leaf Extract in a mouthwash product, we found a fascinating article. It was jointly published by authors from Germany and Athens and it suggests that olive leaf extract showed considerable antimicrobial activity against oral microorganisms and could therefore be considered as alternative natural anti-infectious agents.

There are a few big words in the article, however it basically states that in their controlled study, olive leaf extract (as well as olive oil) was successful at killing certain bacteria that is evident in the mouth.

How often should you use a mouthwash?

When we decided to launch a range of Oral Health products, it really blew us away when research showed that brushing your teeth only cleans 25% of your mouth! So it's no surprise that Dentists recommend using a mouthwash at least twice a day. It would make sense that you use a mouthwash after flossing and brushing in the morning and evening before you go to bed.

Just like all other Vabori olive leaf products, we strive to make sure our products do what the label says. Countless hours of swishing occurred before we finally landed on the winning formula.

At the end of the day, no one wants to swish chemicals around in their mouth, so use the best natural mouthwash available – VABORI

Happy rinsing!!