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Olive Leaf Extract Reviews

We rely on your Olive Leaf Extract Reviews to help other customers! Here are some of the testimonials that we have received:

S. Jacovou-Johnson - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

I’ve been taking Vabori Olive Leaf Extract since 2010 and have found this my personal ‘elixir of life’!

I was first attracted to Vabori after reading some newspaper stories on the health benefits of Olive Leaf and, after some more Internet research, I decided to give it a go. Vabori was my first choice because of its high concentration of Oleuropein, no additives or preservatives, it’s Australian owned, and price compared to other extracts on the market. Since taking Vabori, I have an overall sense of well-being, addition energy and higher levels of concentration. I have also noticed that I’ve had no cough, colds, or flu’s.

I thoroughly recommend Vabori Olive Leaf Extract!

S. Lutz - Burleigh, Queensland, Australia

Would like to comment that I find the above product very good. I had some arthritis in my feet and after taking the olive leaf extract for a couple of months, found it had improved considerably.

I also found the after sales service extremely helpful and efficient.


M. Oxley - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

To The Vabori Olive Extract People: I would like to let you know:

My husband and I have been taking your “Vabori” Olive Extract for about 8months now, and believe it has made a great difference in our resistance to colds and flu.

My husband has not succumbed at all to flu and I, only to a mild one, when usually I suffer from a very bad dose each year, and I do believe this is due to the “extra strength” of your Olive Extract.

I must also commend you on the taste of the extract, I find it very pleasant, and my husband, who will never eat an olive, also does not mind the taste of the extract.

I would highly recommend your Olive Extract to anyone who is interested in optimum health and definitely for counteracting colds and flu for anyone prone to them.

J. Sylvester - Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia


That's the only word to describe the effect of your olive leaf extract. I've spent so much money on both prescription and alternative products without much improvement in my condition. The last year has been awful. I developed stomatitis for the first time in my life, never heard of it before. There have been periods when eating, drinking, even talking was painful enough to bring tears. I've lost time from work and it's been stressful in so many ways.

I decided to try olive leaf extract though, as other things hadn't worked, I had little faith. Within a few days I noticed improvement and this has continued. The tissue inflammation has markedly reduced to near normal. Blisters and sores had been constantly erupting, but now have cleared. Even my lips have improved immensely, with no more swelling and soreness. I used diluted extract as a mouth rinse and also took 2x7.5mls daily. No side effects either, which is good.

I can't recommend your product highly enough, it's wonderful to get my life back.

Thank you.

Andy Jacovou - Queensland, Australia 2010 I developed a dry cough and no medication could help me until I came across VABORI products I also believe it has made a great difference in my resistance to colds and flu now I am on the new Mixed berry flavor Vabori olive leaf Extract now and like all other Vabori products it's great and it tastes good too TRY it I highly recommend it.
Michael Paton Had a cold / flu kicking up a few months ago, and got a hold of Vabori Olive Leaf Extract. Hit the cold on the head and felt great after 24 hours. I have always taken heaps of vitamin C to prevent the cold / flu but this stuff seems to be so much better for it. Love it!
Marilyn Gunston Definitely the best there is...even though it is more potent than other brands, it tastes better and really works for colds, flu and immunity.
Shauna Wood This is the best Olive Leaf extract, I've been taking it for about a year now after being gravely ill, it made such a difference to my recovery and I'll continue to take it. Thank you for the fantastic service and product.
Bec Rangas Love it! Have been waiting with great anticipation for the arrival of the new lozenges!
Kelly Robinson I love Vabori products, and George is so dedicated to producing a quality product second to none!
Rick Ramsey Not bitter like some extracts!
Peter Jacovou I use this product whenever I feel like I'm getting sick love this product.
Amalia Barrett Excellent to prevent colds especially this time of year. We love Vabori


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