Our Story

Vabori® (Vah-Bore-E) established in 2010 is a family owned Australian brand with a core focus on developing and manufacturing natural health products. Our Wellness collection dervies products from the Olive Tree – in particular our Olive Leaf Extract.

It took us many years to develop and perfect our product. The story of our journey begins with...


Our Farm

The Olive Leaf

Organic Values

Where we are today

There's NO reconstituted or freeze dried powders that masquerade as "fresh leaf" - you're receiving the full spectrum of antioxidants available from our fresh leaf product.

Since our conception, we now have over 9 different unique products with many more to come. We continue to research and develop the uses of the Olive leaf. We hope you enjoy our products and can share your experience with us through email or our Facebook page.

Don't believe us? Read our Olive Leaf Extract Reviews.

From our family to yours, Jun