Improve Heart Health with Olive Leaf Extract

Some ways to improve heart health could be to eat a healthy diet, maintain a healthy lifestyle, get enough exercise or even try to sleep more.

Another way could be to introduce natural health supplements like olive leaf extract.

According to the Heart Foundation Australia, Heart Disease affects 1 in 6 Australians. That’s a scary statistic, luckily The Mayo Clinic notes that Heart Disease is treatable and preventable with the tips we mentioned earlier; Exercise, more sleep, adopting a healthy lifestyle which could mean incorporating olive leaf extract into your diet.

improve heart health

What can I do to Improve Heart Health?

In 2016, there was a study conducted on olive leaf extract and the benefits it had in reducing certain cardiovascular risk factors. The study was published in the European Journal of Nutrition. Over 6 weeks, 60 people were split into 2 groups. One group was given olive leaf extract and the other a placebo. The study concluded that taking olive leaf extract reduces blood pressure.

In fact, the study mentioned they used 136mg of oleuropein as the baseline. That’s the same as taking 30ml of Vabori Olive Leaf Extract. Oleuropein is the active ingredient in Olive Leaf Extract – it has been researched to have many benefits attributed to various areas of our health.

Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are indicators of how healthy your heart is. So, this study is welcome news to those looking to improve heart health with olive leaf extract.

Our liquid olive leaf contains 5mg of Oleuropein per 1mL. It is extracted only from fresh olive leaves on our 640 acre (1 square mile) organic olive plantation in Australia. These are some of our liquid Olive Leaf Extract products:

If you’re interested in supporting your cardiovascular system with olive leaf extract, then please take the time to browse the Vabori Olive Leaf Extract range.

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