Our Story

Vabori® (Vah-Bore-E) established in 2010 is a family owned Australian brand with a core focus on developing and manufacturing natural health products. Our immediate focus is on our Wellness Collection, which involves products derived from the Olive Tree – in particular our Olive Leaf Extract liquid.

The Vabori brand was created in June 2010 as we saw a need for Australian Made and Owned health food products. It took us many years to develop and perfect our flagship product - olive leaf extract.

We started by purchasing 3-acres of virgin land that we transformed into a mini plantation with on-site factory. Today we have grown from that 3-acres to 640-acres with over 20,000 trees.

Since our initial days of researching and developing our liquid, we are now very thankful to have a solid support team of Australian wide distributors who believed in us and in our (at the time 1 product) enough to give us a chance. Through their efforts, our products are now available in wonderful stores Australia wide!

Today, we are one of only a very few companies that create olive leaf extract from fresh Australian olive leaves! And to the best of our knowledge, we are the only Australian made and owned plantation that manufactures Olive Leaf Extract in Australia!

When customers ask me why they should buy our olive leaf extract, I would say - we offer you transparency, you know that we own the plantation and that we operate it organically and sustainably. There's no reconstituted or freeze dried powders that masquerade as "fresh leaf" - you're receiving a fresh leaf product that contains the Full Spectrum of Anti-oxidants that are only available from fresh leaf. Reconstituted powders are "standardised" to contain only one active ingredient - oleuropein. Our fresh leaf extract contains MANY actives that work behind the scenes to help the more popular actives get to work.

Since our conception, we now have over 9 different products and many more that we have developed and will introduce in the coming years.

We hope you enjoy our products and can share your experience with us through email or our active Facebook page or read our reviews here: Olive Leaf Extract Reviews.

From our family to yours,